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#10 & Business Envelopes

Envelopes in this category are our #10 and Business Envelopes. This is our most popular category. The 3 best selling items which are priced within this category are as follows… The #6-3/4 envelope which measures 3-5/8×6-1/2 is normally used as either outgoing or return envelopes. The #9 envelope measures 3-7/8×8-7/8 and is used predominately as a return envelope. The #10 or legal sized envelope measures 4-1/8×9-1/2 and is used predominately as outgoing envelopes. They are all made from high quality 24lb bright white wove stock with standard gumming on the flap to which moisture must be added to seal. Envelopes are priced as plain with no printing, black ink, 1 color, 2 color & 3-4 color. Our printing is high quality offset and we use laser safe soy based inks. In addition to these sizes, we carry the #6-1/4 (3-1/2×6), #7 (3-3/4×6-3/4), #8-5/8 (3-5/8×8-5/8), #11 (4-1/2×10-3/8), #12 (4-3/4×11) & #14 (5×11-1/2). We also carry envelopes with security tints, flip & stick closures where you turn the bottom flap to meet the top flap and no moisture is needed, and peel & seal closures in which you peel away a strip to seal the envelope with no moisture needed. Any of these sizes and options will be promptly priced by sending an email to info@argoenvelope.com If you are in need of a windowed envelope, we have a separate category that you may click on for pricing and information.

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