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Coin Envelopes

Envelopes in this category are our Coin Envelopes. Included are our 2 most popular items. They both are the #7 size which measure 3-1/2×6-1/2. We stock them in 24lb bright white wove and 28lb Brown Kraft. These envelopes open on the smaller dimension and have standard gumming in which moisture needs to be applied to seal. We also stock the coin envelopes in both white wove and brown kraft in the following sizes… #00 (1-11/16×2-3/4), #1 (2-1/4×3-1/2), #3 (2-1/2×4-1/4), #4 (3×4-1/2), #4-1/2 (3×4-7/8), #5 (2-7/8×5-1/4), #5-1/2 (3-1/8×5-1/20) & #6 (3-3/8×6). These envelopes can be produced in different colors or as a custom size to accommodate your needs. Please send your specifications in an email to info@argoenvelope.com for a prompt quote.

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